Bugs in PRO version & made full refunds

Friday, July 22, 2011

I found serious bugs in PRO version.
One of them is related to the Google Licensing service. It could be my mistake.
Another problem is related to Auto align function.
I blocked further purchase and made full refund to all customers. I am terribly sorry about the inconvenience. I will fix it asap.

Make It 3D Free

Thursday, July 21, 2011

You can make your own 3D pictures!

← Click here

You can make your own 3D stereo pictures without 3D camera.
Make It 3D generates anaglyph 3D stereo pictures from phone's camera or gallery.
You need 3D (red and cyan) glasses to see 3D stereo pictures.

Download here

Youtube instruction



Facebook page

HTC camera preview problem

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Today I got 1 star from an HTC user. That was painful. The user said whenever he (or she) try to take a picture, Make It 3D is Forced Closed. I found that some HTC smartphones have problem to get camera preview especially SetPreviewSize method. I also found that many android app developers encountered the same issue only for some of HTC models. Here are links


I really want to fix this problem as soon as possible; however, it is almost impossible to try all HTC devices. Please HTC users send me your model name and android version whichever Make It 3D camera works or not. It will help to fix the problem a lot.

* In my code, I used getSupportedPreviewSizes() and pick the optimal size from them. That means some HTC devices do not support their own camera preview size.

1st day Download Count

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Make It 3D Free and PRO are released on 7/18. Here is download count during the first one day (7/19)

Make It 3D Free: 95
Make It 3D PRO: 1

Make It 3D is now on the Market

Download Make It 3D Free here

Make It 3D Youtube instruction

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I made Youtube instruction for Make It 3D. I really don't like that thumbnail. Also, annotations are not shown when watching this video in smart phone. Annotations have really important information. Please Make It 3D users watch this video in your computer.

Auto align function & epiplar geometry & photogrammetry & computer vision

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Auto align function is done (which is provided in PRO [paid] version).

Left and right images to generate a stereo image should be in epipolar geometry. Two images satisfied the epipolar geometry have same information (pixel values) in same row. It means there is no y-parallax. Existence of y-parallax makes viewer's eyes uncomfortable and that of x-parallax makes perception of height difference. The epipolar geometry is also one of fundamental concept for image matching since it reduce search space dramatically. The epipolar geometry is also used for generating maps since it provide height (3D information) from a pair of 2D images. If you want to know more, please read following three books.


First two books are from photogrammetry field which deals with aerial photogrammetry (all about mapping and precise positioning), satellite image processing (reconnaissance, etc.) also I am studying now. Third book is from Computer Vision field. I got the signature from one of the author (legendary Prof. Mikhail) of the first book (Modern photogrammetry) on the first page of my book.

There are many common things between photogrammetry and computer vision (Computer vision field is so wide; so when I say computer vision here, it means a small portion of computer vision field which deals with geometry of photography or imaging). In my opinion, photogrammetry have been more focused on quantity analysis such as precision of positioning in millimeter level while computer vision have been more focused on quality analysis such as what are in images. However, these days, differences between two field are getting smaller (but, still big). I am pretty sure that fusion of two field can produce much much more than what they can produce individually.

Anyway, the auto align function is not always perfect because image matching isn't always perfect. There are several techniques which reduce this imperfectness. In my opinion, computer always do things much faster than human; but, results are always less precise than what human did. So, please don't be mad if quality of resulting 3D pictures are bad; it happens almost always.

How can add an image to MediaStore

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How can add an image to MediaStore? Not scanning all media but add only one image.

It is really helpful and used in Make It 3D to show a generated 3D picture after adjustment.


Make It 3D current progress

Free version is already done. I am currently working on PRO version which supports full resolutions, auto alignment, no logo in generated 3D picture, and no-ad. Auto-alignment is quite tricky since camera parameters (interior/exterior) are unknown. It may be calculated from combination of sensors but then it will be huge works. Translations into Korean, Japanese, Chinese (simplified) are done. I really appreciate my friends' help; English grammar correction (Andrew), Japanese (Miyako), and Chinese (Wei and his wife Jane).

I drew Youtube and Facebook Icons

Friday, July 1, 2011

Icons are for Make It 3D. Size of icons is 20x20. I drew these, so feel free to use.