HTC camera preview problem

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Today I got 1 star from an HTC user. That was painful. The user said whenever he (or she) try to take a picture, Make It 3D is Forced Closed. I found that some HTC smartphones have problem to get camera preview especially SetPreviewSize method. I also found that many android app developers encountered the same issue only for some of HTC models. Here are links

I really want to fix this problem as soon as possible; however, it is almost impossible to try all HTC devices. Please HTC users send me your model name and android version whichever Make It 3D camera works or not. It will help to fix the problem a lot.

* In my code, I used getSupportedPreviewSizes() and pick the optimal size from them. That means some HTC devices do not support their own camera preview size.


Camera Accessories said...

HTC Inspire camera app doesnt work when background data is on?

Jin said...
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Jin said...

Hi, I don't know. Is it?
Some HTC devices don't support some camera related functions as I wrote. Many developers know this problem. Some apps may work while some apps may not. But, I'm not sure.

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