How much money did I make from the Android Market for the First month

Thursday, August 18, 2011

It is already been one month since I published Make It 3D on the Android Market. I think many people want to know how much money did I make so far from the Android market. So, here is my story.

For the first month (Jul 18 ~ Aug  17)
  • Total downloads: 6851
  • Active installs: 3205 (46.8%)
  • Average rating: 4.405 out of 5 from 42 users
  • Revenue from mobile advertising (admob): $3.88
  • PRO version sales: $3.99 * 18 copies =  around $72 (there is exchange rate issue) 
* For those who don't know my app
- Make It 3D is an Android app that makes anaglyph stereoscopic pictures
- Click here for more info: here
- Google Play link:

The number of downloads and active installs
6851 downloads for the first one month is not bad. The number of active installs is 3205. This number means 46.8% of users who downloaded Make It 3D still have it (53.2% of downloaders uninstalled it).


Mobile advertising (Admob)
Admob runs click-based advertising campaign. It means admob gives me money when user clicks the banner on the top of my app. I earned $3.88 from 92 clicks. It is around $0.04 per click. People said that it starts to make meaningful amount of money when downloads are over 200,000
  • Impression: 22,604
  • CTR: 0.41% (percentage of clicks over impressions)
  • Total clicks: 92
  • Revenue: $3.88

PRO version sales
Eighteen users bought PRO version so far. I made full refunds to the first four customers because I found huge bugs in the PRO version. Therefore, actual sales are 14* $3.99 = $55.86 and Google will take 30%. Since I blocked PRO version purchase almost 10 days (Jul 22 ~ Jul 31) to fix bugs, it is almost one copy per day. Not a bad record for the first month.

Income total
  • PRO sales $3.99*14*0.7 = $39.1
  • Admob: $3.88

Not big money. But, good thing is my download/active install rates are slightly increasing. I realized marketing is also very important. I am trying several tips to increase download rate. I will post these tips when it shows something.

Any suggestion or comments are welcome!

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