Next update for the PRO version (actually downgrade)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Still, there are problems in the auto align function of the PRO version. I know what the problems are and what should I do.

The main problem is diversity of Android smartphone. It is almost impossible to make an app that can run all Android devices since every Android phone has different hardware (CPU&RAM) capacity. A function can be run on a device but it may not be run on other devices. On the other hands, for the i-phone development, if a function works on an i-phone, it will definitely work on all other i-phones.

The auto align function, the main feature of the PRO version, needs huge RAM. If 1600x1200 pictures are selected for auto align, required memory is more than 17MB (3[RGB]channels and 3[left,right,result]images) which is OK on my Galaxy S (and high-end devices). However, I am sure that some phones may not allow to use this amount of RAM.

I have struggled to solve this resolution related memory problem; however, my conclusion is that it is almost impossible to deal with all different devices for an individual developer (not a full-time programmer either) like myself. So, I decided not to support higher resolution (max 1600x1200). This is a disappointing decision for me too. But, I don't have any option at this time. I will lower the price too.

* Finally, I decided not to remove HD option.


Anonymous said...

Can I save the photos from pro to then send to a printer?

Jin said...

Yes, you can.
You need to send the photo to your computer which is connected to a printer. It is available in free version too.

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