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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Surprisingly, Make It 3D is popular in Europe even though I didn't do any advertisement in Europe. Many people in Europe are using Make It 3D in English since the app provides only English, Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, and Korea at this time. I want to provide their own language versions of the Make It 3D to show them my appreciation; however, the biggest problem is it's really difficult to find right person to translate the app. Because, I don't have any European friend! I didn't realize that before.

Anyhow I found some friends. Now, my friends, friend of my friend, and friend of friend of my friend are working on translating Make It 3D into German, French, Russian, Spanish, Thai, and Chinese (Traditional). Italy has biggest Make It 3D users among European country. But, I couldn't find anyone from Italy.

So, next update will include
German, French, Russian, Spanish (Latin-American), and Thai, Chinese (Traditional)

I am looking for a person who can translate English into Italian. If you are interested in this work (Italian) please contact me at photo3d.apps[at] The translation work will take less than 1.5hr if you are familiar with Italian and English. Please feel free to download & skim through the script.

I found a roommate of friend of my friend is Italian. She is working on Italian translation now.

You can download script here.
Another post regarding Translation Project

* I really appreciate Jens Blegvad's help for translating Make It 3D into Danish.

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