Three months Android Market sales report

Monday, November 7, 2011

It is already been three months since I published Make It 3D in the Android Market. Make It 3D has been translated into 14 different languages so far, thanks to my friends, and counting. It will be on Amazon Appstore, Vodafone store, and Korean Tstore soon. I believe many people (Make It 3D users, new Android developers, and etc.) wonder how much money did I make from Make It 3D as I did. So, here is my story.

*Here is my another report for the first month.
* For those who don't know my app, please click following icon.

Make It 3D has two income sources. PRO version sales and Mobile advertisement.

For the first Three month (Jul 18 ~ Oct 31)
  • Total downloads: 65043
  • Active installs: 19199 (29.5%)
  • Average rating: 4.3 out of 5 from 233 users
  • Revenue from mobile advertising (admob): $39.41
  • PRO version sales: $3.99 * 151 copies = $602.49 (Google will take 30% of this amount)

The number of downloads and active installs
The number of total downloads is 65043. Number of daily downloads is about 700~800. Active install rate was about 46% before Google adjusted it (see below graph; there is steep decrement in the middle of Oct.). Now active install rate is about 30%. Download rate is almost stuck after 10000 downloads. I think the rate may be increased after +100,000 downloads. People think an app which has huge download count is a good app and it is true. So, download count (install) of Make It 3D in Android market affects actual download count.

Mobile advertising (Admob)
Revenue from Admob is about $10 per month and it is increasing. The number of downloads and active installs are the most important to make more money from Admob (and PRO sales too). So how can I increase these figures? I believe releasing as many Android markets as possible and translating as many languages as possible may help because these works eventually help my app to be exposed to more potential customers.
  • Impression: 197,695
  • CTR: 0.50% (percentage of clicks over impressions)
  • Revenue: $39.41

PRO version sales
PRO version sales are increasing too. Gross sales are about $150 for the first month, $180 for the second month and $240 for the third month. Following graph shows monthly gross sales (mine 70% + Google's 30%).

$3.99 * 151 copies = $602

Net Revenue
  • PRO version sales: $3.99*151*0.7=$421.74
  • Mobile advertising: $39.41

    To make more money from Android apps, it is the most important to make people know your app is there. Before that, the app should be good enough of course. There should be many ways to increase download count. My ways are, as I wrote above, translations and release my app on other Android market. I cannot say releasing my app to 3rd party app stores will help at this time. However, after translating my app into other languages (especially, German, Italian, and Russian), the number of active users from those country are almost doubled. Even adding & translating other languages in Market descriptions helped a lot.

    Please feel free to ask anything.

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      Mat said...

      Hi Jin,

      I have prepared a large list of Android app stores in my blog at

      You should probably try Appia firstly then probably Slideme.


      Jin said...

      Hi Mat,

      Thanks for your comment. I already read your article and tried most app stores you suggested a few days ago. Results are amazing. I really appreciate your help. I bookmarked your blog already.


      roogle said...

      thansk 4 sharing these info with us i just wanted to know i dont have knowledge of coding but seriously want to learn java and begin to work for android well i have already started i hope i will submit my first app too vut can you tell me How much time does it take to make this APP (Make it 3D) is the Coding Really hard or it can be learn easly please guide me a little if u can

      Jin said...

      Hi, you can make your own app even if you don't have any programming experience. I would suggest start your java study with really easy & thin java guide book. It means just finish the book to the end as soon as you can. Like one chapter per day. Then start Android programming with Android programming book. I think finishing Java+Android books will take 3 month or less. Once you finish your books (it doesn't mean finishing study), trying to make your own (really simple) app. If you start making your app, you can know what part of programming you should study more.

      Make It 3D is little bit different because I used C code for image processing. Because image processing in Java is really slow. Once you learned one programming language (Java), learning other language (C) is much easier.

      Anyway, if you don't want make game or app that uses complicate image processing, you don't need C code. So, my suggestion is start studying books and finish it as soon as you can. :)

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