GIF 3D Help

Sunday, March 10, 2013

1. Take two pictures from Camera or select two pictures from Gallery

  • Camera Superposition mode provides overlay view

2. Adjust pictures with arrow & rotation buttons. 
  • To create the best looking 3D picture, minimizing difference between images is important.   
  • Auto Align feature is available in PRO version.

3. 3D image is saved in "GIF3D" folder
  • We recommend QuickPic for animated GIF viewer.

How is it?
Please send me email if you have any question.


Jorge Chioffi said...

Al compartirlo sale como foto cutre??

Jin said...

Just for fun :)

Oscar Carrasco said...

very good idea but isn't look in my Facebook

Jin said...

Thanks, but unfortunately Facebook doesn't support animated gif file :( said...

Is there a way to make pics at original camera phone size and not 800px?

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