Make It 3D records 600,000+ downloads

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Today (4/23/2013), Make It 3D Free records 600,000+ downloads. Thank you for your support!

snapNfind in China

Today, number of downloads of snapNfind from China is increased noticeably. However, they are downloading version 2.01 which is released in July 2012. I have no idea where they are downloading from. If you are using old version of snapNfind, please update it. Current version is v2.04

Here is APK download link

snapNfind v2.03 update

Friday, April 5, 2013

Hi, snapNfind v2.03 is released on 2. April, 2013.
This update includes
1. User can select a folder to play with random pictures
2. Link to no-Ad version ($0.99)

snapNfind is an Android find difference game.
snapNfind is the first and only automatic find difference game that uses your own pictures.

Just snap a picture! 

Just select a picture! 

Just download a bunch of pictures off the internet!

snapNfind automatically generates photohunt game with your images.

You can download snapNfind here